10 Questions for the „Leavers“

Ok , Germany calling here, with lots and lots of questions, which have been puzzling us ordinary Germans to such an extent, that we would be very grateful, if a “Leaver” could explain at least the top 10 to us.

  1. What exactly did the EU force on you that you found so intolerable that you rather took the risk of a recession & alienation?
  •           6 l water limit on flushing the toilets?
  •                    Straight cucumbers?

Please just name the top 3.

  1. If there was such big concern, how the EU shaped Britain, why did only 35.6% of the British population vote at the last European Parliament Elections?
  1. What borders are you now getting back? Farage seemed to be rather excited about that, but we here in Germany are still very confused, as you never shared a border with anyone (other than Ireland, but that problem may get solved now in different ways) and guarded them rather well with your own British people, as everybody, whoever travelled to the UK, can vouch for.
    The UK is not a member of the passport-free Schengen zone, so it retains border controls and checks, and Britain has refused to take part in any EU scheme to reallocate refugees from the war in Syria. Furthermore, immigration from outside of Europe is not affected by Britain’s EU membership.

    Or – wait a minute- does it mean that I – as a German- am not wanted and not allowed in anymore? Please clarify.

  1. A question that really puzzles us over here: Did every voter actually know the details about Article 50 and consequently Article 218 (3) of the Lisbon Treaty and if so, how was the outcome of this realistically envisioned compared to the British politicians promise.
  1. Were the British voters actually aware that it took Switzerland 16 years (1957 – 1973) to negotiate the FIRST deal (Free Trade deal) with the EU and the last deals were finalized 1999?  And did they know, that this  would mean for Britain, that the babies now being born would be in their forties -if this will be anywhere similar to Switzerland – and they will be the ones signing those contracts?! Did the British people also know that in overall, around 100 bilateral agreements currently exist between the EU and Switzerland?
  1. How do you envision an economy when most foreign trade companies will withdraw their production facilities out of the UK? Which brings us to the next question- what exactly is the UK producing for export and how and where are you planning to create new jobs for the next generation?
  1. Even though a lot of you (Leavers) stated, that you are not so much interested in international travel, does it not bother you, that one day you may have to explain to your grandchildren, why you also took that decision and opportunity away from them to live and work in 27 different countries?
  1. Did the British voters actually believe the politicians, that every time something went wrong, it was always all Europe’s fault?
  1. Did the British people ever question or research the slogans of the “Leave” or “Remain” parties or did they just think, they would not lie about something important like this? What were the sources of information other than the slogans and campaigns from the parties trying to get your vote

10. Do the British people feel, that they are knowledgeable of all the consequences a Brexit will bring or are they prepared for things to happen that they have not even thought about before voting?

  • e.g. no foreign players in the Premier League and less excitement in the Champions League.,
  • the only foreign politicians congratulating you on your decision being Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and nobody else,
  • That Swindon has a chance of becoming capital of England if the petition to  declare London independent from the UK and apply to join the EU.s , is approved. (ok, even with 146K signatures as I am writing this, this is still farfetched,  Swindon does not have a chance, maybe Exeter or Cardiff…) ,
  • that Scotland might take all the oil with them into the EU,
  • Nigel Farage admitting within hours after the outcome of the election that it was a “mistake” for the Leave campaign to pledge the weekly £350 million saving in EU to the NHS,
  • that Cornwall will become an ever busier and more expensive holiday spot, because foreign travel will decline,
  • and so much more, that we ordinary Germans don’t have a clue about , because all of this is way too complex to understand?
  1. ( not really a question, so no need to answer and who is counting anyway..?) Did you know we still love you and are sad that you have decided to file for divorce, but still hope, that you and your children and grandchildren will survive this and be happy in the long run? Did you know that our hearts are bleeding with yours, when we see, that some shameless politicians divided your country? You may not want to play with us anymore at the moment, but please know, apart from all the politics – we are here, when you need us! 🙂


3 Gedanken zu “10 Questions for the „Leavers“

  1. Hat dies auf Querdenkmal rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Da ich gerade meinen persönlichen Brexit, den Auszug aus (Wiesbaden-) Breckenheim, vorbereite, kann ich die die Idiotieoptimierung einer knappen Mehrheit eines exzentrischen Inselvolks nicht weiter kommentieren.
    Stattdessen hier einige sehr berechtigte Fragen von Heart-Beat(e) in vorherragendem Englisch (wünschte, meines wäre halb so gut).

    Gefällt 2 Personen

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